Strings, Brass and Woodwind

The Best Lessons for Singing, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Drums in the Rockingham and Cockburn Areas!

Castlerock Music Academy is the only music academy south of the river with qualified trainers who have a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

Head of Education, Tzudy Weir has been classically trained from the age of 8, to a grade 8 level on several Instruments and Music Theory through the London Royal College of Music, and has a Grade 8 and Certificate of Performance in singing through the A.M.E.B here in Australia. Tzudy also has a Diploma in Music through the Australian College of the Arts and is a registered examiner for Australian Music Examinations Board.

Lessons are taught in large, comfortable rooms with air-conditioning and state-of-the-art equipment to help create the best possible learning environment for all students. All of our teachers hold current Certificate qualifications in music and are either furthering their skills and knowledge at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, School of Audio Engineering or through mentor sessions with Tzudy Weir.

All students are paired with teachers based on skill-level, personality and the desired learning outcome of the student, to ensure the highest level of development and musicianship.

Castlerock Music Academy can help students prepare for A.M.E.B Rockschool exams. We currently have a 100% pass rate for every one of our students. Castlerock Music Academy is also the only South-West exam centre for the Rockschool Exams.

If you’re still not convinced that Castlerock Music Academy is the best place for you or your child, then simply book a Free Trial Music Lesson and see for yourself or go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Castlerock's Student Of The Week

Castlerock's Student Of The Week

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What People Say About Castlerock Music Academy


Renee Pukehika


My 9 yr old son loves his drum lessons with Kyle! Thanks guys x


Chad Talbot

Vocal Student

Fantastic place to be, highly recommend this place!


Georgie Lloyd


I’ve first heard the talent of Tzudy Weir in my Stepsons EP, in which she turned one of his original songs Butterfly, into something greater than it already was. Her introduction of a haunting Cello gave so much more depth which carried the lyrics to a much more powerful place. Her harmonies, which wispered loudly through Alex’s melody had me mesmerized!
Six years later, now that my young daughter has an obvious passion for singing and, as an Instrumental Music Teacher, I can’t ignore my ears in hearing a natural born gift.
Like myself, my daughter can’t wait to have the pleasure of being trained by such an amazing Vocal Coach!! Thankyou Tzudy


Brooke Parker


I have two girls that attend Castlerock and each and every week they can not wait to get there. Castlerock goes above and beyond with all aspects. We all look forward to the concerts at the end of the year!


Gay Chinery


Since Lea started music lessons with castlerock she has become more confident. Tzudy is an excellent teacher and Lea had learned so much in the short time she has been with Castlerock. Thank you Tzudy for your dedication.


Adele Rigoll


“Luke has been with Castlerock for 3 years now and the staff there have become like a second family to him. Growing up under their influence, and learning from their awesome music knowledge, has helped him to change from a kid with a horrible temper into a funny and confident teenager. The change is quite remarkable. The crew at Castlerock are all wonderful teachers with a high degree of professionalism, but more than that they are also great role models and life coaches for all the kids that study there. We wouldn’t want Luke learning music anywhere else.”

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